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Competitive Intelligence

94% of Businesses Invest in Some Form of CI

Competitive Intelligence (photo)

You don’t have to be a large enterprise to benefit

Competitive intelligence collects information that becomes competitive advantage.

It enables companies to save money, increase profits, and outmaneuver competitors.

1. Competitor Assessment

Competitor Assessment gathers data used to direct future strategies. It is also assesses your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to form winning strategies.

2. Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation requires a detailed look at your products and services and how they compare to your competitor’s. Your goal is to increase the value you can give to your user.

3. Market Analysis

Determine where your customers are most active. Analyze your assets and media buys to find your current market focus. Once you have an idea of where prospects are most active, you can align more of your resources.

4. Customer Insight

Buyer personas help you understand who your customers are. Surveys, polls, and customer participation help you understand your customers. Finding out why your customers choose your product enables you do to out-perform your competitors.

Reaching Alpha

With fact-based, real-time competitive intelligence like …

  • Industry trends
  • Competitor campaigns
  • New launches
  • Product innovations

… companies make better decisions to achieve their goals.